Foxy the Forest Spirit


On our recent walks through the chilly, autumn forest, we've seen little shadows out of the corner of our eyes. The forest is filled with many of these little spirits, flitting around in the undergrowth, unseen by the unknowing eye. If you know what to look for, you could spot one of these elusive creatures. They're generally friendly little ones, but be wary of getting too close too quickly. If startled, they have sharp, little teeth!

This little forest spirit we've nicknamed Foxy for his big, bushy tail. He loves to hop atop the mushrooms and fallen trees where he can sneak and hide in an instant should the need arise. He is swift for a tiny spirit. You may not set your eyes up him, but if you're quiet, you might hear his chittering chirps.

This is the original 5"x7" graphite drawing by Cori of Furbeast Forest.

He comes safely stuffed in a protective sleeve, ready to stick in a frame.

©FurbeastForest retains all copyright of the image and it may not be reproduced without permission.

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