The creatures of Furbeast Forest are fed and cared for by Cori Derfus and Winn Wright. Cori is the artist/creator behind the mythical Furbeasts. Winn is the artist and graphic designer bringing the Furbeasts to the printed page.

Cori currently resides in the Pacific Northwest. She received a BFA in Painting
from the University of WI-Oshkosh and is an award winning painter who has shown worldwide. She works out of a studio in her home that she shares with a menagerie of critters, both real and make-believe.

Winn Wright earned his degree in Graphic Arts from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He began his career in Advertising and Design while continuing to expand his drawing and painting. In 1992 he started working in a surrealist style.
His more recent works have been ink and colored pencil but he also works in oil,
acrylic and watercolor. Winn's main influences are Da Vinci, Salvador Dali,
Ralph Steadman, Dr. Seuss and Gerald Scarfe.

Media and Interviews:
Podcast Interview with Galina Marcus of In The Art Scene